We live in the south of Sweden, outside a town named Kristianstad (near an airport) Our cavaliers are wholecoloured rubys, black and tan and blenheims.

We bought our first cavalier in year 1972. Our breeding started in year 1995 and we also got our prefix ”Uardas” this year.

We are collaborating much with kennel Nocturne`s. We bought our oldest female ”Nocturnes Duchess of Angarn” year 1992 and ”Nocturnes Potpurri of waltz” year 1994 from Pia and Ulf Klöverbäck.

Our dogs lives with us in the house like members of our family. They are running in the garden and in the forest every day

All our dogs are checked regulary for heart, eye and patella. Our puppies are checked at 8 weeks age for general healths. They are delivering with ID-marks and registrated at the Swedish Kennelclub.

We also like to go to dog shows. Our most succesful dog is Uardas Brandy JR and he has won 2 certificates. Also our bitches Uardas Gimme Grace and Uardas Hasta Manana have won fine prices

You can read more about our dogs at the page ”Our dogs” and there you can also  look at the pedigrees.

We hope will you have a look at the ”photogallery” and our ”puppies”.

If you have any questions or want some more information please contact us by e- mail.

Our cavaliers:

Nocturnes Duchess of Angarn, dob 1992 02 05

Nocturnes Duchess of Angarn,  living 1992 02 05 - 2007 01 10

She was our first cavalier.  She was beautiful with a lovely head and also ”the boss”.



Nocturnes Potpurri of waltz , dob 1994 07 04

Nocturnes Potpurri of waltz , dob 1994 07 04 – 2004 11 24

Our oldest wholecoloured dog with  expressive head and eyes. She has been very successful at dog shows and won a lots of CK:s.




Uardas Aurora dob 1995 04 18 .

She is very kind and loves running in the garden and in the forest.




Uardas Brandy JR and Uardas Beautiful Bonny  
1997 07 02

They are lovely ruby-cavaliers with dark eyes and coats. Brandy JR has won 2 certifikates and many CK:s




Uardas Dreaming Desirée d o b 2000 05 18.

With a lovely expression and very nice temperament



Nocturnes Abba d o b 2001 10 28

Our star in the family and our first black and tan.




Uardas Gimme Grace d o b 2004 09 02

She is a very clever dog. She is  popular in the flock and has many bright ideas what to do in the garden or in the forest.

She has won many prices at the shows. She is going to have puppies for the first time at spring 2008.




Uardas Hasta Manana d o b 2006 09 29

She is very charming and all people loves her.

She has already won prices with ck at shows.


  Puppies - We have puppies once a year.
  Links and friends
- Cavaliersällskapet (Swedish Cavalier King Charles spaniel club)
- SKK Svenska kennelklubben (The swedish kennel club)
- Nordskånska kennelklubben (our local kennel club)
- Nocturne Cavalier King Charles Spaniel